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One night my mommy and daddy went on a date. They got a babysitter to watch me. The babysitter was a family friend. She was like an angel to me in front of big people. But after my parents left, she stopped acting like an angel and started being mean. My parents didn’t believe me until they got a surveillance camera from the Spy Shop in Mildale. When they got home that night, they watched the tape and saw the babysitter yelling at me all the time. Now we don’t use that babysitter anymore.


Unfortunately, the times are changing and stories like this are more frequent and you begin to wonder if you can even trust a long time family friend. Put your mind and heart at ease with surveillance equipment from the Spy Shop. The Spy Shop promotes truth through technology; spy gadgets, bug detectors and cool stuff. Visit spyville.com or call 628-2075.