I hosted a daily 2-hour talk show on WXCT AM 990 in the Hartford, Connecticut for 6 years. Recently I was the co-host for the morning show on WFNC in Fayetteville, N.C.

My show is a general interest talk show, where I discuss various topics and issues from politics, entertainment, and lifestyle topics such as health and sports. The show is caller driven and I also interview leaders, politicians, entertainers, and authors. I enjoy talking about a variety of topics, and not just politics because I think our lives revolve around many things. We deal with different issues and have different interests that make our lives interesting, complex and challenging. I think listeners enjoy the variety to break up their own monotony.


Full Length Interviews


Michael Reagan, son of late President Ronald Reagan speaks about his book Lessons My Father Taught Me.


Fran Harris, WNBA Champion and Author of Will The Real You Please Stand Up


Dr. Ariel Fenster, Senior Adjunct Professor McGill University, discussing water intoxication.


Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, on his Doors to Diners Campaign.