Broadcast Management

If you are looking for a General Manager, Station Manager, Operations Manager or Program Director, I have over 20 years broadcast radio experience; more than 10 in management.

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As a manager

I will find new opportunities for growth in both sales and listenership. I won’t try to fix something not broken, but I am a problem solver and am prepared to find and implement solutions on any level when necessary. I will lead the team to new successes, and give credit where it is due. I seek to recognize others for their contribution and efforts so I will encourage and motivate staff to reach beyond the status quo, and find ways to reward success in ways that will encourage more.

As a programmer

It’s important to have an annual programming calendar. Know what community events are coming up 12-9-6-3 months in advance, and prepare to be involved. Music is so easily accessible on multiple platforms, there has to be a reason people are listening: Community. Make people feel a part of something BIG. I believe the radio’s continued success will come from continuing to build relationships in the community, finding new relationships and nurturing them.

As a talent

A good on air host relates to the listeners. Being a part of the community, the talent shares in the joys and frustrations of life. We cannot be afraid to be real with them and share our life story. A good story teller on a music station is like being on Twitter: being able to say a lot in a little space. On talk radio a good story teller is more like being on Facebook: you have space to say a lot more.