Boz has worked in radio for 20+ years. He started working in radio 1989 at a small community radio station on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec. He acquired his FCC Operator’s License in 1991 to be able to volunteer at WXUT, the University of Toledo campus radio station. They are no longer required.

Boz worked for broadcasters both large and small in all sized markets. His experience spans the programming, promotions, and production departments. He has done almost everything there is to do in a radio station. From humbly taking out the trash to speaking to thousands of people from behind the mic and on stage. Some of his successes include being a Silver Mic finalist for copy writing and production, interviewing political leaders such as Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman and being a guest host on a Nationally Syndicated radio program.

Recently, Boz was the Program Director for the heritage News Talk station WFNC 640 AM owned by Cumulus Media, in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The position previous to that, he was the General Manager/Operations Manager for an AM station in Connecticut for almost 7 years. He was responsible for business development, managing accounts, and for the daily operations for the radio station. Boz negotiated with clients, program/content providers and national syndication companies. He was also involved in the community through town festivals and events. Among them: the High School football games, Music on the Green series, Apple Harvest Festival, Italian Festival, etc. His involvement in the community opened doors to identify initiatives and opportunities for new business development with key decision makers.

Leading by example, Boz developed and managed his staff of employees, volunteers and interns to achieve specific goals. He provided regular training and support and maintained a positive atmosphere conducive to success. Boz provides positive feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement in order that his staff become the best they can be. He lets his employees know that his door is always open to offer guidance, assistance and instruction.

Boz readily implemented facility maintenance schedules to keep the broadcast equipment, studios, computers, building and grounds to be kept in optimum condition. His FCC Compliance, maintaining Public Inspection File and Public Affairs quarterly reporting, earned him the Connecticut Broadcaster’s Association’s FCC Certificate of Compliance on two occasions.

In several positions he held, he facilitated an efficient process between the traffic, sales, programming and production departments. At one radio group, prior to computer automation systems Boz developed and implemented an alpha-numeric cart numbering system that eliminated missing commercials from the studio. As the group was the market leader, his innovative process stopped tens of thousands in monthly revenue from being lost.

Boz’s experience in broadcast radio is well rounded and he is a team player that seeks to make the company he works for be the best without compromising his work ethic and principles.

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