Bobby Sprocket
:30 radio

Girl: Hi Daddy! I’ve been having soo much fun riding my bike today. But look, now my tire is flat.

Father: Ooh that’s not good. Let me take it over to Bobby Sprocket, the bike shop in Milldale. They’ll fix it right up for you . And it’ll only be a short while because they’re so close.

Sfx: Time Passing

Boy: A short while later.

Father: There, see sweetheart! All fixed. And look, Bobby Sprocket did a safety inspection and noticed you needed a couple new reflectors. Plus I had them put on a new kickstand, and replace the scuffed up pedals and grips.

Girl: Cool, it looks almost new! Thanks daddy.

Tag: Bobby Sprocket, 1529 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike in Milldale. Online at bobbysprocket.com.