There is no argument that having presence on the Internet is necessary in today’s business world. But does one need a website, or can one get by using a platform?

My opinion, for what it is worth, is the most valuable real estate on the Internet is the space you own. Because platforms can fail. For example: Google Buzz. It was a Facebook competitor that most of you have never heard of. Platforms can be purchased and shuttered. For example: FriendFeed. It was also a Facebook competitor in the early days, purchased by Facebook and eventually shuttered. Again a platform that most of you have never heard of. Or when a new platform comes along that people migrate to. For example: People left Myspace for Facebook. I think most people are somewhat aware of what happened to Myspace. So when these things happen, you have to move, adjust, and maybe start over. The point is, if you own your space and use the platforms as ways to draw people to your property, you have a better chance to capture a lead, and convert to a sale. You are not reliant on the platforms themselves to help you build your business. 

If you have a website, you need to know the purpose of why you have one. Often people neglect their website and it becomes outdated. Google likes new content. So if you want to win the SEO wars, you need to keep it maintained. In some cases, you may not really need a website… or you only need a basic presence. It really depends on your business objectives. Do you want a business card, where people can contact you? Do you want your website to act as your best sales person working for you 24/7? Or are you looking to build a brand, build your legacy, or build your empire? Maybe it’s a combination of these things, or all of them.

To understand what your objectives are, you need to start with a plan. And as Stephen Covey taught, “Begin with the end in mind.” What do you want your website to accomplish for you? The best thing and worst thing about websites, are that they are in constant flux. They are never really finished. But if you do not know what the purpose of your website is for you, it can cost you business. 

A website is just the beginning piece for an over all marketing strategy. If you are examining your web presence, your digital marketing needs, and need some ideas or direction… let me know. I am happy to help get you pointed in the right direction.