I’m not a graphic designer. I do wish I would have taken classes, because I am a creative person. Instead, I’ve been playing around with the free digital image editor GIMP. There so much to learn but I’ve mostly been learning what I know on an as needed basis. It amazing that it’s so simple to alter an image. One can make things disappear, move objects in an image or change the colors. It’s also scary because at some point we will not know if what we are looking at is real or an altered image. I am reminded of the commercial for Memorex audio cassettes: “Is it live or is it Memorex” was the tag line. With graphic design and photo manipulation we now have to wonder: “Is it real, or is it Photoshopped” (Photoshop of course being the Cadillac of graphic design and digital photo editing software).

Have you played around with any graphic design software? What is your experience?