This post is my introduction, or “meet me” post on new social or content sharing networks I have joined. I will be cross-posing it to them (details below). Some of these networks are built on blockchain. If you do not know what that is or understand how it works, take a moment to look it up using your favorite search engine.

Some people may feel intimidated posting on a platform built on blockchain. The reason is because blockchain is a permanent public record. What if the content is not welcomed? There could be public ridicule. And that also will be permanent. What if there are spelling, punctuation or grammar errors? That would be embarrassing and permanent.

This requires one to carefully contemplate words more so than on other social platforms. It is well known that one cannot delete anything from the Internet. But many networks do allow us to remove what we have posted to them. We get a placebo to think we deleted whatever it was, completely. But few and far things, if any, are ever completely deleted. Deleting things from the Internet can be another topic to discuss.

Contemplate. That is what the Founders did when they drafted the U.S. Constitution. An educated group, they discussed what the Constitution should consist of. They deliberated at length over the ideas and proper use of words and language. Then they crafted it with concise verbiage. They felt concern about the public record they were creating. It was important that there be no errors.

What the Founders did is not easy for a layman to do. In our culture, people are no longer thoughtful in their communication.  The layman no longer ponders and writes at length. Conditioned to using 140 characters, the layman shares only brief thoughts or ideas. There is rarely pen and paper involved. The medium is digital via text messages, posts and tweets. While they are short, they are not concise. Too much is open for interpretation, especially when using  abbreviations.

Our news cycles are short. Audio bites from news channels are short. They are often used out of context, which leads to misinterpretation of facts. Content creators make brief videos for reaction, and monetization but not deep contemplation. Society craves instant gratification and has adapted a gnat’s attention span. There is little time for contemplation when seeking the next sound bite, vlog or tweet to react to.

I do not want to be in that cycle. I want to share intelligent, well though-out and thought provoking content. I want to write in coherent fashion. In school I did not like English class. I did not enjoy learning about “dangling participles”. I never imagined I would come to enjoy writing and need to know the rules. But, since my time in school, when I write I have a desire to be exact with my words. I’ve always done my best to write with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is important to me for readers to understand what I am writing.

I now foray into sharing my content on various platforms built on blockchain. I will be careful and cautious to be sure I have crafted something worthy to live in perpetuity. I have perfectionist tendencies, but do not expect perfection. I am human. There will be errors. But I will make it a priority to deliver quality content, that is easy to read or watch and understand. It is my hope that you will subscribe to, up-vote and share my content. I cannot deny I would enjoy earning income from my content as well.

What will you get if you subscribe? I like to write about faith, philosophy, economics and politics. But I am not an expert in any of these areas. I am an average guy with his own opinion of how things should be. I am not limiting myself to those topics, but in general that is the scope of my content.

I look forward to like-minded people following me and exchanging ideas. I also look forward to people who disagree following me. Please be articulate. More important than being articulate is being civil. After all, we are likely in pursuit of the same things: Health, wealth and happiness. In essence, Freedom.

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