I have a client that is a great personal development and business coach. His name is Gary Smith. I manage his social media. One of my duties is to “live tweet” during his weekly radio show. This week Gary and his guest Jackie Smith (no relation to him), talked about selling; more specifically, Selling as a Christian, but there was great insight no matter your Faith.

One point that stood out to me, is a message I tell myself over and over: “sales is a numbers game”. And even though I tell myself this over and over, it is a necessary constant reminder. If you are in sales (everyone is, but that is a different topic) or thinking about it as a career, you have to remember there will always be more “no’s” than “yeses”. And in order to get to the “yes”, you will have to plow through the discouragement that can come with an abundance of “no’s”. The more “no’s”, the closer to “yes” you get. There are obviously certain techniques, methods and even tools one can use to increase their productivity. But ultimately, it comes down to a numbers game.

A few other takeaways from the discussion in order to win at sales: focus on your client’s needs, set reasonable, realistic goals and have a consistent approach. Learn more about Gary at http://optechs.com. Here is the conversation for those interested: