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Our tag line/slogan is : Avid Target Marketing. We aim to help your business grow in revenue, and increase income in a fashion that is as simple as withdrawing from an ATM. 

Through our podcast services, we aim to help you create, grow and help your business succeed. 


    We Are Experts In Podcast Production

    It's almost as easy as 1, 2, 3

    Create Podcast

    Step 1

    We will sit down with you to discuss your subject matter and outline a schedule of topics to record. We will discuss if an interview format would be best, if you have a co-host or want to do a simple monologue. 

    Record Podcast

    Step 2

    We record and produce your podcast, make edits and finalize the audio. We can keep it as is, or we can enhance it by editing out the "verbal pauses" and "crutches" (such as: ahs, ums, you knows, likes, etc.) 

    We also will create a transcript and summary of the podcast that will get published wit the audio. 

    Publish Podcast

    Step 3

    We publish your podcast on all major (and some minor) platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Spreaker. We can send your web manager a code to embed a player on your website also. 


    Want To Get Your Podcast Started With Us?

    Schedule a complementary call with us to go over your requirements.

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