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Contact: Charles Bosworth
Telephone: 614-602-1808
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Fayetteville, North Carolina, August 14, 2017 –

Bosworth Media relaunches the Radio HORN website The Radio HORN website has been a radio news aggregator sharing radio news items from across the Internet to its own social media streams. With the relaunch, the website will be focused on sharing stories of radio’s heroes, announcing job opportunities, sharing stories of radio’s “glory days” and also news items of interest. The Radio HORN will have articles contributed from many radio industry professionals and thought leaders.

Charles “Boz” Bosworth, owner and founder said:

“I am looking forward to providing a new, interesting platform for those in the radio and the broadcast industry to share their ideas, opinions and stories. And to do it in a way that has not yet been capitalized upon within the industry itself. We are open to everyone who has a story to tell, opinion to share or idea to promote.”

The Radio HORN relaunched only with a video interview between Mike McVay, SVP of Content and Programming for Cumulus and Westwoodone and Boz, the Founder and owner of Radio HORN. Topics discussed were the state of the industry, and upcoming trends. It is expected the website will have more content from radio professionals and thought leaders in the days to come as more people learn about the platform.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Charles “Boz” Bosworth at 614-602-1808 or email at [email protected]

Are Your Social Profiles Current

Social Media ImageAre Your Social Profiles Current

When did you create or update your social profiles last? It may have been months or even years. Has anything changed? Now may be a good time freshen up your social profiles or to even start anew. If you manage profiles for clients, check with them about updating their profiles.

Make a list of all your social media profiles:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Google+ Pages
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Linkedin Pages
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • Medium
  • etc
Any others? Do you have more than one account on any social media platform, such as one for business and one for personal use? Be sure to check each one. Bonus Tip: Also update your profiles on websites you joined such as Forbes or MotleyFool.

Contact Info

Make sure your phone number and email are current, whether public or not. If incorrect you might miss out on job offers, business and networking opportunities. People may go to your competition if they can’t reach you because of bad info on your social profiles or website.
It is also surprising how many typos people make writing their own domain name. Check and double check that you spelled it right. Make sure your links are clickable when possible. People you want to reach should not have to copy and paste. Learn how to make your links clickable if they are not. Often all it requires is placing “http://” in front of your link, minus the quotation marks. For example In a WYSIWYG editor, all you have to do is highlight the text you want linked, then click the link icon in the editor. To unlink text, click the broken link icon. Click them yourself and make sure they take you to your website before you post!

Social Bio

Check any bio info you may have included when creating your profile. Has any information changed? Did you change jobs or industries? Do you have a new title or are you in a new position? Are you married now or single again? Do you want people to know your marital status? Have you added to your family or is your newborn now 3 years old? Are you pursuing a new project or venture? Have your interests or hobbies changed? Did you change cities? Let your community know what you are up to by keeping your profile current.

Cover Photo and Profile Picture

On occasions like this update your cover photo and profile picture. Make sure all your info is current and matches your other profiles. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but keeping things consistent a good practice. Using the same profile picture across all platforms helps your community know it is you. Bonus tip: Have the same profile picture associated with your email on

Stay Organized

If you have many social media profiles but don’t have a way to organize them, create one. It’s good to keep track of your profiles with either a bookmarking site or on a spreadsheet. On a spreadsheet, have a column and list each platform. Be sure to link to the actual social profile on your spreadsheet so it’s easy to check on a regular basis. Use a password manager like LastPass to keep your passwords safe and to make logging in easy. Finally, name someone to take over your accounts or close them if something happens to you. This can be either be temporary access or permanent. Facebook has this option.

Audit Your Profiles

It’s good to do a regular audit of your social media accounts. There are too many times when I look at a Twitter profile to get information to contact someone and it is outdated. This happens on Linkedin too. People are not keeping their profiles current. Audit your accounts quarterly for best results.

Would you like a free social media audit template to use? Click here to request yours! It’s free.

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